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With our multi-buy deals, you can enjoy discounts on your favourite brands by purchasing multiple items at once.

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Candylab London Taxi   £11.00
Candylab Shewiff Police Car   £11.00
Candylab Citron Macaron Van   £17.00
Candylab Beach Bus - Ocean   £46.00
Candylab Beach Bus - Sunset   £46.00
Candylab Big Sur Green   £44.00
Candylab Cotswold Blue   £44.00
Candylab Food Shack - Donut   £34.00
Candylab Food Shack - Ice Cream   £34.00
Candylab Food Shack - Taco   £34.00
Candylab Magnetic Parking Garage   £119.00
Candylab Donut Van   £15.00
Candylab Ice Cream Van   £15.00
Candylab B.Nana   £10.00
Candylab Blue Racer   £10.00
Candylab Drifter Zebra   £49.00
Candylab Junior - City Set£41.00   £35.00
Candylab Laundry Van   £15.00
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