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Why We Don't Label Our Toys Here at Kiddy Moo

Recently, the video below went live on YouTube – and its subject matter divided opinion. A BBC Experiment, it featured male and female babies and toddlers and their reactions to a range of different kids’ toys. It’s an interesting clip which poses the question: do girls’ and boys’ toys exist? – and you really need to watch it to see what we’re referring to.

Gender stereotyping has been in the news a lot lately, with the belief that toys and clothing deemed to be for ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ shouldn’t be characterised as such. And it’s something we don’t do here at Kiddy Moo either.


Instead, we organise our toys by type: creative, imaginative, and outdoor. We realise girls can enjoy traditionally ‘boyish’ games, while boys can have fun getting involved in ‘girly’ games. So, to save any confusion, here’s where you’ll find some of our most popular kids’ toys:


Head to the outdoor section of our site and you’ll see all manner of games and sets designed for the garden or yard. Simply pop on over to our homepage and find the ‘Outdoor’ tab along the top, green tab. In there, you’ll discover activity playgrounds, go-karts and balance bikes, and even wooden playhouses. 
In this digital age of IPads and desktop computers, we like to inspire in kids a love of the Great Outdoors – after all, it’s what was instilled in us when we were younger, and climbing trees, filling a plastic bag full of conkers, and splashing in puddles was very much encouraged.


Allow them to show off their arty side with the toys and games you’ll find in the Creative section of the site – again, you’ll find it over on our homepage. With arts and crafts and musical toys to pick out, you’ll have as much fun selecting a gift or two as they will playing with them.

Janod Desk & Stool Set

Baby Range

Little hands need specially-made toys, which is why you should check out our baby range if you’re looking for something special for your kids. With everything from baby walkers to wooden rocking horses and more available on Kiddy Moo, you’ll have no trouble finding whatever it is you’re looking for. You’ll discover lots of traditional favourites, too; just take a good look around the site.


Okay, so these aren’t quite toys – but again, kids’ furniture is another range we haven’t categorised by gender on our website. 
Head over to this section of the site and you’ll find key pieces for their bedroom, as well as lots of fun accessories. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us here at Kiddy Moo and we’ll be glad to help.


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In the meantime, happy playing!

Source: BBC YouTube