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Ensure an Extra Special Christmas For Your Little Ones with Our Top Tips

The countdown to the festive season is well and truly on – and to help you prepare for December 25, we’re sharing with you some fun ideas to ensure it’s an extra special one this year.

Keep the Magic Alive

Whether you’re a non-believer or not (we’re believers, here at Kiddy Moo, FYI!), Christmas is all about the fascination and mystery of the big man himself: Father Christmas. You can keep the magic very much alive for your children, too – and doing so doesn’t have to mean splashing the cash.

Why not add some oats and a little glitter to cellophane bags, telling the kids it’s ‘reindeer food’ and encouraging them to sprinkle it on the lawn on Christmas Eve? You can also ‘plant’ Tic-Tacs in plant pots filled with sugar. During the night (preferably on Christmas Eve), replace the Tic Tac with a candy cane and convince your kids that the mint has magically shot up overnight.

There are plenty of things you can do to appease kids during the festive season, so think outside the box and have some fun.
Instil in Them the Importance of Giving

Your children might have a wish list as long as their arm, but Christmas is about giving, too. It’s also about spending time with the people you care about, and showering a little more love and attention on them – just because. So, remember to instil in your kids the importance of gift-giving; you could even hold a little craft afternoon and make presents they can give to relatives.
Go Back to Basics

Part of the fun of Christmas is the build up to it. So why not go back to basics and make paper chains to deck out the house? Or get in the kitchen and whip up some festive cookies? Your kids will love it far more than sitting in front of another DVD – and you’ll get to enjoy the goodies you make for days after. 
Get Outdoors

Are you children feeling cooped up in the house? When the weather’s colder, it can be too tempting to crank up the fire and sit indoors. But try to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air where possible. A trip to Santa’s Grotto, or even a visit to a deer sanctuary, will get them feeling really excited for Christmas. Wait until the night before Christmas and you could even go ‘sleigh spotting’, looking for lights in the sky (from helicopters or planes, perhaps) and letting on that it’s Santa – well, it could be!

Put Sentimentality First 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Christmas isn’t about spending a fortune on children’s toys. Instead, think of the fun you had as a child with the smaller, but sentimental games and toys you might have received from a parent or grandparent. Try to introduce a little bit of that sentimentality into your own family’s Christmas, too. After all, the festive season is pinned on tradition and nostalgia. 

How do you ensure Christmas is extra special for your kids? Do you have any top tips of your own? If so, we’d love to hear them….